The Imperial Valley Solar Project and Calico Solar Project use CSP technology.  

The SunCatcher system, developed by a subsidiary of Stirling Energy Systems (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA) power plant, currently has the highest efficiency in the world for converting thermal energy from the sun to electricity.  Stirling's largest operating plant in the United States is the Tessera Solar Maricopa Solar 1.5MW project.

Two projects approved by the CEC have an Imperial Valley power generation of 709 MW and a Calico Solar project of 663.5 MW, which together will add 1.37 GW from the Stirling Engine CSP, demonstrating this technology.

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Project Cleanergy AB. Project implementation location:

- Mongolia 2 MW

- Sweden 10 MW

- Russia 800 kW

Implemented CSP Cleanergy installations with a capacity of 10 kW each in Mongolia, Sweden, Russia.
Since 2017, more than $ 100 million has been invested in Cleanergy.

Dish Stirling CSP systems are now installed worldwide. 

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Build CSP installations for Akor Direkt. Germany, Nürnberg.
25 kW CSP systems / installation
The planned sales volume of the CSP power plant is 20 MW. 

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The 200 MW Datang project has a potential value of about 5 billion SEK.

The first batch of 20 CSP towers is concentrated in the provinces:

Xinjiang in Western China

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