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Our mission - put into practice all the existing technologies for the development of solar energy and make it accessible to any consumer anywhere in the world in any volume required, be it giant corporations or households.

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Anatoly Korogodsky

CEO of Akor Direkt Group of Companies. Engineering direction of CSP systems development: development and implementation of innovative technologies in industry. Akor Direkt has unique competencies in the design and manufacture of CSPs.
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Viktor Kopylov

President of Si14 Finance Group. Under his leadership, the regional Russian company has become a large structure that provides services to individuals and legal entities around the world in financial markets.
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Denis Armeev

Head of department. Development of control systems based on microcontrollers, SCADA systems. Modeling and calculations, creation of control algorithms for automation systems to prevent instability of electrical systems.
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Aleksandr Korogodsky

Chief Designer of Production, Head of State Defense Committee (Head Design Organization). Over 90 publications - scientific papers and teaching aids, including 32 copyright certificates for inventions and patents

AKOR Direkt is an innovator in the solar energy system.

Energy. Without it, there is no life on earth.  

People have learned to mine it from everywhere and not always in a safe way for humanity.

The development of civilization requires energy consumption in increasing volumes and humanity is worried looking into the future, what next, where to get a source of inexhaustible energy without risking everything that is on our planet?  

Now that humanity has moved away from the boundaries of survival and moved into the area of ​​excess wealth, it is time to think about an environmentally friendly way for further development and, first of all, obtaining energy, which is now mainly obtained by burning oil, gas, coal ..  We see a solution to the problem every day - the sun, an inexhaustible source of energy for the Earth for several billion years, has been supplying it with such an amount of energy that just converting it with available technologies for today from a 500 km to 500 km desert site is enough to supply all of humanity electricity.

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The basis of the installation for generating electricity from thermal energy of the sun is the tandem of the Stirling engine and an asynchronous generator. Competitive advantage over similar systems is achieved through the original Stirling engine, developed using a specially created mathematical model of a heat engine and an asynchronous electric machine used in the generator mode loaded directly onto a public network, which works as an AC voltage battery of unlimited capacity. 


AKOR DIREKT-Operates in the solar energy market. Our equipment successfully works in three countries of the world.
We are looking for reliable partners to further develop and expand our network of presence.

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